You Have Questions About Website Builder - Forms?

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Below you'll find answers to the most common questions you may have on Website Builder - Forms. If you still can't find the answer you're looking for, just Contact us!

When adding fields to your form, those fields have icon menus when you hover over them.

The first icon you see to the upper right when hovering over the field is the edit button. If you click on that button, the popup will show so that you can edit the field.

To move fields around on your form, hover over the field. 

When hovering, the second icon is the move icon. Click on the icon, hold the mouse button down, and then drag that field where you want to display it. 

Once you drop it, that is where it will stay. Just make sure to save your changes!

With the hover menu, you see when hovering over fields, there is a horizontal icon. if you click this icon, it will stretch the field to 100% width.

Clicking the same icon at 100% will revert the field back to 50% width.

Of course, having forms on your website means you expect some data from those forms. To view that data, go to the Forms page. Find the form you want to view submissions for and click the View Answers button.

For each submission of the form, you will see an entry. To view what a user inputted on your form, click the View Submission button.

This will show a popup with all the answers for that form.