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Getting Started With Widgets

In this post, we are going to dig into the Widgets. We are going to create, design, publish and learn how to view leads that are generated from them.

Why Platinum Agent's Plan?

In this post, we go over why you should subscribe to the Platinum Agent's Plan. You get unlimited quoters, a website builder, and advanced SEO profile listings.

Getting The Most Out Of Your Blog

Insurance Storefronts offers a blog system for the website builder platform. There are many reasons for a person to have a blog. They can provide content that answers prospective customer's questions and helps them learn about your product or service. They can help create organic traffic to your website by expanding your visibility to search engines such as Google. We go over the steps of creating a blog category, blog post entry and some important key factors of making your blog successful.

Building Your Marketing Profile

Insurance Storefront’s marketing profile is a great way to generate leads without having to put in much work. We do the marketing and pushing once you get your profile set up. This is a great way to get found when consumers search for insurance agents to help them with their policy needs. Each zip code you have on your profile gives you a 75-mile radius to be found in a search. If you have Platinum Agent’s Plan, your profile will always be listed before non-Platinum Agent’s.