Getting Started With Widgets

January 20, 2024

We are going to learn everything about the widgets in this post. We will talk about how to create a widget and then dig into customizing the widget. From there, we will learn how to post a widget so people can fill it out and then learn how to manage those people who have turned into leads.

Creating A Widget

Let's begin by clicking on the Widgets menu item and then the Create New menu item. When doing so, you will see a popup with two fields you need to fill out.

The first is the Title of the widget. The next field, Insurance Type, defines what type of insurance we are quoting for. Once you have both fields filled out, click the Start Creating button.

Create Widget Modal

After the process has been completed, the system will have generated the default widget setup. That includes the design, settings, and default values. You will initially be on the Review tab where you can see an Intro To Widgets, your script tags as well as a preview of your designed widget.

Customizing The Quote Request

Before we dig into this tab, let's begin by diving into the Quote Request.

The first tab button you will see is the Template Gallery button. In this section, you will select a default design that will initially be displayed to a user who will view the Widget Insurance Quoter. Go ahead and select a design.

Once you have selected a design, we are going to click the Customize Style button. In this section, you are going to see two areas: Customize the quote form and the preview of your Widget Insurance Quoter as you design.

We have made this as easy as just picking colors, entering text, and setting the desired width of your widget. Everything you update you can see live in the preview on the right-hand side in the preview area.

Widget Insurance Quoter - Quote Request Design

Once you have completed the design of the Quote Request for your Widget Insurance Quoter, click the Next Step button at the bottom of the page. This will save your work and move you onto the next step.

Customizing The Quote Results

The next step is the Quote Results. This part of the quote displays results of a search for insurance to the user. This section has multiple button tabs. We have the Template Gallery, Customize Style, No Quotes Message and finally the Company Selection.  

As with the Quote Request, we will select a template for our Quote Results look. Once you have selected a template, click the Customize Style button. You will see that the Customize the quote form has the same setup as before. You can define text for the elements and pick colors. 

Widget Insurance Quoter - Quotes Result Design

After you have played around with the style and are satisfied with the look, click the No Quotes Message button at the top.

This is what a user will see if there are no matches for their search. So enter some text and format it the way you would like. Once you are finished with that, then click the Company Selection button at the top.

The Company Selection is going to allow you to turn on or off certain companies you want results from. By default, all are selected. This section will override any global settings you may have set. 

Now that we have discussed all sections for the Quote Results, it's time to click the Next Step button at the bottom and continue building our Widget Insurance Quoter.

Customizing The App Request

Our next part of the build is the App Request. Once a user clicks the Apply button on the coverage they are interested in, this part of the Widget Insurance Quoter will display a form for them to fill out a bit of contact information.

As with the other examples, you will be shown the Template Gallery by default. Go ahead and pick a template design you like, then click the Customize Style button at the top.

Again, this is pretty much the same as the other Customize Styles. You can define some text and colors for the elements.

Widget Insurance Quoter - App Request

Once you are done with designing the App Request portion of the Widget Insurance Quoter, let's move on by clicking the Next Step button at the bottom of the page!

Customizing The Thank You Popup

We are now going to work on the last thing a user sees when they are filling out your Widget Insurance Quoter, the Thank You page.

There are three buttons for that Thank You customization section. The Template Gallery, Customize Style, and the Thank You Message. Let's begin with the Template Gallery.

As with the other Template Galleries, you will choose the design you would like to start with. After you select a design, click the Next Step button.

Our next step is to design the Thank You popup to match the rest of our Widget Insurance Quoter. As with the others, you can pick colors and enter text for the elements of this section.

Once you have your styling down for the Thank You, let's go ahead and click that Next Step button, shall we?

Finally, for the Thank You, you will need to enter the content for the Thank You message. Style this any way you want and click the Save button. Then click the Customize Style button at the top to see your updated Thank You popup design.

Widget Insurance Quoter - Thank You Design

Ok, we have completed our design for our Widget Insurance Quoter! Now we need to define some settings by getting to the Settings tab. If you're not already there, click the Next Step button til you are viewing the Settings tab!

Setting Up The Lead Distribution & State Selection

On the Settings tab,  you will notice three buttons: Lead Distribution, State Selection, and Create New Distribution.

Let's start by clicking the Create New Distribution button. You will be shown a popup with three fields. These fields are Type, Description, and Destination. This is how you define how you would like to get notified about leads for your Widget Insurance Quoter.

The Type field has two options, Email and SMS. If you select Email, you will get notified by email and SMS will send you a text message. The Description field lets you put a quick description of the notification, this can be anything, as this is just for your reference. Finally, the destination is the email or mobile number you wish to get the notification.

Once you have saved the distribution, click the Settings tab. Now you will see on the Lead Distribution your newly added distribution. There are several things we should go over to give you a better understanding of how the distribution works.

The first thing is the Enabled button. To enable this distribution, just click that button. The next three columns are the fields you set from the earlier popup. Next is the Round Robin field. When this is enabled, you will also use the Round Robin Ratio as well. What this tells the system is that it should not notify until the number of leads reaches what you enter in the Round Robin Ratio. So let's say that we enter 5 in the Round Robin Ratio and turn on the Round Robin.

The next thing we need to talk about is the Rules. If you click the Rules button, you will get a popup where you can define certain rules for your notification. So for example, if you click the Coverage, you can set a minimum and maximum coverage value. If the coverage amount falls within those amounts, you will be notified of that lead!

Finally, if you don't want any restrictions, you can also delete the distribution as well with the red trash button.

Review Widget 

Now we circle back to where we started, the Review tab! Once on the Review tab, you will notice two areas. The first section to the left is where you will get your script tags. The other section is a real-life view of your Widget Insurance Quoter. Yes, you can run through the process right there just to make sure everything is to your satisfaction!

On the left-hand side, there are two parts. The first part is the entire script tag. This is the tag you will use to include your Widget Insurance Quoter on your website. The second field is the Rebel Rates token. This is only used on the Rebel Rates website. 

You should paste the <script></script> tag you see everywhere you can, so you can get more leads generated for your widget. 

Widget Insurance Quoter - Review Quoter

Managing Leads

Finally, let's discuss viewing leads. If you go ahead and run through your Widget Insurance Quoter, you will be generated as a lead. Then, let's go to the Leads menu item and click the Manage link.

When doing so, you will be presented with a table with all your leads. You can search leads and limit the leads you're viewing by selecting the Widget Insurance Quoter you want to view leads for only. To view all the information for the lead, click the light blue information button.

On this page, you will find all sorts of information about the user who filled out the form. We track the contact information, quote information, and browsing information and display the distribution info for that lead.

You can also requote the lead by clicking the dark blue calculator button. This will take you to the Agent Quoter with their information.

Widget Insurance Quoter - Lead Info

And there you have it! We have gone through designing and launching a widget. We also discussed managing lead notifications and tapping into the details of what sort of leads you're generating with your Widget Insurance Quoter.

Check out other great posts to learn more about how our system can help you as an insurance agent!

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