Why Platinum Agent's Plan?

February 7, 2024

The Platinum Agent's Plan is the perfect plan for insurance agents who want to take their business to the next level without breaking the bank. The plan offers unlimited quoters, a website builder, and advanced SEO profile listings. There is no other place that offers a single one of these for less than what we offer all three. So let's break down how we do this and what each tool means for your success in the insurance agency.

How Are These Tools So Affordable?

Our team is made up of people from the insurance industry and engineers with decades of experience and plenty of connections. We wanted to provide the tools all insurance agents need to not only generate leads but also be able to make a brand for themselves they can use to reach their audience efficiently and quickly. The servers and tech stack utilized are the best in the IT industry. With the experience behind them, we know how to optimize each one to squeeze the most juice out of them. The engineers pick the brains of the insurance industry folks to give insurance agents exactly what they need and want to help their business succeed. Without having to guess what to build, the engineers spend less time building what they think insurance agents need and build exactly what will help their business go to the next level.

The Term, Final Expense, and Medicare Quoters

With the Platinum Agent's Plan, we take the quoters to the next level. With our quoters, we provide instance results for consumers to see rates and plans. The consumer can quickly search and apply for a plan. The basic plan will email the insurance agent but let's face it, we hardly pay much attention to our emails. So with the Platinum Agent's Plan, we utilize SMS. Once a consumer applies for a plan on one of your quoters, we will send a text message about this action. With this feature, you can quickly respond to the consumer. Allowing you to turn them from a lead to a customer.

Our Platinum Agent's Plan will also allow insurance agents to integrate these quoters on their profiles. This will allow consumers who are searching for agents to quickly connect with you with no effort on your part and give you the edge above all other insurance agents. There is no going to any other website, no time-consuming waits but rather quick and efficient feedback for the consumer who wants results and wants them fast! Guess who gave them that? You did!

The quoters have Powered By: Insurance Storefronts on the footer of each step. The Platinum Agent's Plan allows our insurance agents to define to either hide that Powered By: Insurance Storefronts or choose where the link goes. You can select it to go to the home page of Insurance Storefronts, your website, or your insurance agent profile.

Ok, the quoters are cool but what else do I get, you ask? Well, let's talk about the website builder.

The Website Builder

Our website builder allows insurance agents to build insurance-focused websites with drag-and-drop ease. You can pick a free sub-domain name or connect your unique domain with a few simple steps. We utilize the famous Twitter Bootstrap framework used in many front-end designs. We provide what we call blocks, that you drag and drop to build pages. When dropping these blocks, you can edit them to make the markup, aka design. This can be colors, size, and even content. There are themes that you can pick to set the initial setup for your website. Doing this will set the design and demo pages with blocks. This allows you to see how the setup works and quickly modify the elements to your liking. However, what good is a website if there is no traffic? All pages are offered SEO content such as meta description, meta keywords, and SEO title which are very important on search engines such as Google. The website builder also comes with a blog feature that allows you to make posts, that you can use to build up your content regularly. This allows web crawlers, such as Google, to visit your website more frequently to help reach those higher ranks, which equals more traffic, which equals more leads! 

On top of that, our Platinum Agent's Plan will add our insurance agents' website to a partners page. This will give you more notice and traffic back to your website. This also helps the SEO as backlinks for search engines are very important. Again, without SEO, you are dead in the water when it comes to leads. You are going to have to scratch and claw your way to find them. However, with proper SEO techniques, you can allow them to easily find you. Our engineers know the ins and outs of building up ranking and have built a system that allows you to easily do it!

Speaking of SEO, our engineers will check your website details once a month and email tips on how to better help your pages and blogs to give you an edge in rankings over your competitors. Yes, you heard that right, you will get a monthly email specifically for your website with tips to squeeze the most out of it, so you can be found while you're at a Starbucks sipping on your favorite beverage without a care in the world!

Nice! I like Starbucks. However, what else do you have that can sway me, you ask? Geez, you want more!? Fine, we got more!

There seem to be agent directories everywhere that just disappoint. Sure you can pay a low price that seems like a steal but is it generating the results you were expecting? We have built our profiles with SEO in mind. Our agents can be found by zip code, state, and services and listed randomly on blogs when the consumer is close to that agent. Again, we want leads to search for us, we don't want you to be scratching and clawing to find them! 

To help the absolute best agents, our Platinum Agent's Plan allows 5-star reviews to be added. Your customers can visit your profile and leave a review. You can then view your Profile Settings and enable that review to be shown. Not only do the Platinum Agent's Plan offer reviews but they will always be listed first in searches as long as they are in the 60-mile range. Even if you are 10 miles away and a regular user is 1 mile away, you're going to be listed first. You will also stick out with the Recommended Independent Agent badge!

We only allow three insurance agents per zip code. This allows our directory for our agents not to be saturated. Our Platinum Agent's Plan offers agents 3 zip codes to pick. However, you will need to grab the zip codes before other agents do!

Again, only our Platinum Agent's Plan allows agents to be listed in multiple ways. These are by zip code, state, and service and are listed on consumer blogs to give you that much more traction on landing leads. Stick out with integrating your quoters on your profile and snagging those 5-star reviews!

Friendly Support & Always Building

We will always be here to help you along the way. Our ticket system will allow you to post a ticket that will direct you to a chat messenger where we can discuss issues or just get a little help! Our users can rest assured that we will be working daily to improve existing features, adding exciting tools, and improving SEO so we all can live a little stress-free. The Insurance Storefronts team is here to serve and to help you on your path to success with your business. 

Stay on the lookout for new posts and features as we keep rolling things out. Remember, when signing up at the current price, you get to keep that price forever. No matter how many tools we give you or how much success you gain! We look forward to working with you and wish you the best of luck in your business. 



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